Our Story

Founded in Switzerland in 2017, SD DESIGN is a building reconstruction company operating both in Switzerland and abroad.
The idea of opening this new and authentic reality arose from an intense five-year job as an individual company which over time has encountered a great demand on the market.

The expansion was carried out with the aim of responding to all the needs of our customers by offering more professional services and innovative products on the market thus placing this new reality in a leading position.

We offer a wide range of services such as renovation of buildings, painting, plumbing, plastering work and complete interior design.

OUR Goal

From the beginning our main aim is to be on the market by providing the best services for our customers, ensuring the creation of a cutting-edge and long-lasting product, assisting our customers from the development to the guarantee of what has been achieved.

The quality, the maximum professionalism, the continuous innovation and the punctuality of the execution of the works are at the base of our objectives. Customer satisfaction is the best investment for a company that works with seriousness and the needs and desires of our customers are our priorities.

Why to choose SD Design

The step forward has always belonged to us and SD DESIGN  besides focusing on the quality of the execution of the work by taking care of every little detail, will also offer projects developed with the latest rendering systems, making visible and real all of your desires even before they come realized.

Our highly qualified staff is constantly updated and will plan all work processes in such a way that the usual renovation becomes even more enjoyable, not only after the final conclusion of the work, but also during.